High Barrier Laminated Kraft Paper Pouch With Natural Looks Perfect For Display

Pouch Style: Kraft Paper Pouch/ Stand Up Pouch
Material: To Be Customized According To The Target Use
Size: Customized As Per Customers' Requirements
Print: Direct Print
MOQ:5,000 PCS



  • Kraft paper pouches are being preferred to other packaging bags and pouches because they offer a lot of benefits that them.

    Some of the notable benefits of using kraft paper pouch include the following:

  • kraft paper pouch keep the product fresh for a long period of time
  • kraft paper pouch make it easy to display the products for marketing purpose
  • kraft paper pouch are recyclable, and this saves cost for the customers. This benefit also helps them reduce wastage.
  • kraft paper pouch can be used to package a lot of products, and this makes them a flexible packaging pouch.
  • kraft paper pouch for packaging are usually water and puncture resistant, and this makes them a durable packaging option.
  • The ability to design on kraft paper pouch makes it favorable to brands and companies for advertisement purpose.
  • What are the types of Kraft Paper Pouch?

    BPS manufacture various types of kraft paper based on demand from customers, and they include the following;

  • Laminated kraft bottom gusseted pouches
  • Kraft block bottom pouches
  • Kraft side gusset pouches
  • Kraft flat pouches
  • Aluminum foils kraft paper pouches
  • White kraft strip pouches
  • Metal kraft strip pouches
  • Windowed kraft strip pouches. Etc.


  • Solid foods (snacks, cookies, candies, beefs, etc) 
  • Muesli, Spices, Rice, dry fruits,  sugar
  • Pet food
  • Various other applications


STYLE Kraft Paper Laminated Pouch
APPLICABLE POUCHES All pouch styles and roll films:
Stand Up Pouch  /  Flat Bottom Pouch  /  Side Gusseted Pouch  /  Flat Pouch
Film Rolls
MATERIAL ·Plastic saving kraft paper laminated materials. Available in Brown Kraft Paper and White Kraft Paper.
·According to the target use, target market and customers’ inclinations and needs, BPS is capable of designing the most eco-friendly material options that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized
If you don’t know the size, let BPS help you.
ACCESSORY ·Resealable zipper
·One-way degassing valve
ADDITIONAL FEATURES ·Knocked-out window (custom shaped)
·Tear notches
·Rounded corners
·Hang hole
PRINTING Option 1: Printing through substrates such as BOPP: up to 10 colors.
* Mix up your designs with a variety of features including matte, spot gloss and metallic finishes.
Option 2: Eco-friendly direct printing on the paper: up to 6 spot colors
Note: BPS is one of the only ones in China who import premium quality kraft paper annually from USA, so we can guarantee the overall quality and color consistency of our kraft paper.
Not every product has a 100% Eco Packaging Solution now. But you can always start PACKAGING GREEN step by step.
Kraft paper pouch is a perfect way to get that natural look and feel for your products, while meeting your barrier requirement and cost budget.


BPS provides fully customizes packaging solutions that best suit your packaging needs.
A glimpse of customized cases for your reference.